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The Grand Canyon is a majestic part of Arizona’s landscape, undoubtedly providing a place for tourists to congregate when they want to see what nature can create. Made through the raw force of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is 18 miles wide at its widest point and can go as deep as 6,000 feet, so it’s not the easiest thing to get a really good view of the canyon’s entirety. In March of 2007, the Hualapai Indian Tribe rectified this when they introduced the public to the 10 foot 2 inches wide Grand Canyon skywalk. Not meant for the faint of heart, the skywalk is a horseshoe-like structure that looks straight down upon the almost horrifying beauty that the Grand Canyon has to offer.

The Grand Canyon skywalk is an impressive feature as it offers a complete 180 degree view of the mighty canyon. Directly below the feet of its visitors is a glass panel, thick enough to hold a max capacity of 120 people at one time. The structure juts out 70 feet from a flat portion of the Grand Canyon with a base and anchors that is embedded in bedrock, ensuring maximum safety. The impressive skywalk does what no tour of the Grand Canyon has ever been able to do before - practically have you floating between 500 and 800 feet above the Grand Canyon’s next highest base.

Unlike helicopter tours and hiking trails, the skywalk at the Grand Canyon gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature’s most majestic creation without having to worry about potential injury and rough conditions. The skywalk is a convenient trek from the Grand Canyon West Airport or can be accessed via the 120-mile trip from Las Vegas, NV. No matter how you get yourself to this awe inspiring structure, you will find yourself glad that you made the somewhat long trick.

grand-canyon-skywalk Las Vegas

There are many facets of the Grand Canyon that one cannot see from typical vantage points, but the skywalk’s location provides for the perfect view of the canyon and its impressive carved out rocks and the wild Colorado River below. From your vantage point on the skywalk, you can watch as others live out the wild and adventurous lifestyle as the soar, via helicopter, through the canyon or whip on down the Colorado River’s dangerous rapids. There is no arguing that you have the best seat in the house.

To ensure no loss of personal property, all guests are required to store their belongings in a locker before stepping foot onto the skywalk. Though the railings are 5 feet high, some can’t help but lean over the edge for a daredevil photograph. Luckily, nearby gift shops give you the chance to remember your experience on the Grand Canyon skywalk in the form of professional photographs.

Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time or have had experience with this mighty natural crater, the Grand Canyon skywalk is going to add a glimmer of awe in your eye as you get up close and personal with this massive chasm, located mostly all by itself on the west side of the Grand Canyon.

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