Peppermint Hippo

Peppermint Hippo Gentleman’s Club

Location: 1531 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Hours of Operation: Open 24/7; VIP Transportation options to the club start at 8 pm nightly.
Rating:  4.7 stars
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Debuting in April 2022 and taking over the property from the old Olympic Garden, Peppermint Hippo is the newest gentlemen's club to hit the Las Vegas strip clubs circuit, and it is the only one located on the Las Vegas Strip.

This 27,000 square-foot upscale club nightlife destination is filled with tantalizing, topless Las Vegas Strippers who offer high-class stage shows while paying homage to the pole, stripteases, lap dances, and private entertainment.

Peppermint Hippo will not disappoint; it features premier bottle service, full-service bars, Hookah, VIP tables and discreet VIP rooms, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and two performance stages.

Free Ride to Peppermint Hippo

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Peppermint Hippo Cover Charge & Free Ride 

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Here's what you need to know before you go!

Free Strip Club Ride – Yes, It's FREE 

Like most strip clubs in Las Vegas, Peppermint Hippo offers solid packages to incentivize customers to come in.  This includes FREE TRANSPORT to the club for guests who book any one of their packages.  

Peppermint Hippo employs a large fleet of luxury transport vehicles such as limousines, party buses, Mercedes Sprinters, Tesla SUVs, and more.  

vegas transportation

Once you schedule your itinerary, the club will always call to confirm your scheduled ride.  If you miss their call, you must call them back to confirm your pickup time and location. Be advised all strip club fleet vehicles have their logo on the side, and you will be contacted once the driver arrives to pick you up.  

Please remember your ride is free, but the driver's gratuity is not included. It is customary to tip your driver and very much appreciated.

Pro Tip: You can only schedule a pickup near the Las Vegas Strip. Please keep that in mind when planning your evening. If you are staying off the Strip, schedule your ride after you've seen a Las Vegas show or gone to dinner close to the Strip to be eligible for the complimentary ride.

You must ONLY use the vehicle Peppermint Hippo sends to be eligible for their packages. 

Free Ride to Peppermint Hippo

UBERS, LYFTS & Taxis: Why You Shouldn't Use Them 

no taxi no uber

Nowadays, when you need a ride, scheduling an Uber/Lyft to the strip club seems like the norm. After all, you've already finalized your booking with us, and the club knows you're coming. What else is there?! Be advised that most city strip clubs have a payout program for third-party transportation like limo companies, Uber/Lyft/taxis, and party buses. If you arrive at the club in a non-contracted vehicle, the club has to compensate the driver, which means that whatever savings you were going to get via the package is no longer an option. You won't get any free drinks, and you can expect to pay $100 or more for your entry.

IMPORTANT: Any guest who arrives in a non-contracted vehicle is treated as a walk-in guest and must pay the full cover charge with no free drinks.  PLEASE, only use the vehicle sent to pick you up! 

How much are regular entry prices into Peppermint Hippo?

Regular entry prices (without booking a package) are pricey for unassuming guests without a reservation.  Depending on the night and what's happening in town, General Admission can range between $50-$100. 

At Exploring Las Vegas, we offer our guests great deals. Our entry packages include a free ride to the club, a 2-drink voucher, and VIP entry into the venue at discounted rates.

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How much do drinks cost at Peppermint Hippo? 

vegas bottle service

If you want to do some Las Vegas Drinking at the Las Vegas nightclubs were pricey, wait until you order a drink at a strip club. Expect to pay15+ for a beer and $25+ for cocktails, but when you think of all that's included, like the beautiful "scenery," – need we say more!

Do you need to buy bottle service to get dances? 

bottle presentation

Just like the Las Vegas nightclubs, you do not have to buy bottle service to have a good time at the venue, but if you want an elevated experience, bottle service is the way to go.

Seating in front of the main stage is free seating. If you want to get dances and order drinks, there are designated tables for guests without bottle service reservations*. 

*The advantage of booking bottle service at a strip club is the convenience; it will save you money in the long run, the privacy of having your own designated section, and last but certainly not least, it's fun! Bottle service will get lots of attention from the dancers if you are seated in the VIP section. 

What's the Catch? 


You're probably thinking, "this is too good to be true, so what's the catch? What more could you offer besides b free transportation and free drinks on a reduced entry package? 

The catch is once you enter the venue, you are fair game. It is now the dancers' ultimate goal (and job) to try and upsell you on services and get you to spend a bunch of money. A typical one-song lap dance costs about $20, and from there, you can expect they will try to sell you on a VIP Room with them at $100+ for about 3 songs. The phrase "falling in love with a stripper" is a real thing and potentially very expensive. Pro-tip: I strongly urge you to remember this before you buy your first dance. 

If you're interested in learning about the inner workings of a Las Vegas strip club, visit our Strip Club Etiquette Guide for a deeper dive!  

Strip Club Etiquette

Peppermint Hippo Packages 

There are many ackage options – the standard limo ride plus entry and drinks package, or if you want the ultimate clubbing experience, reserve bottle service. Either way, whatever you choose, we can make it happen!

Pro Tip: In addition to the Main Room, which features all the stages and most of the entertainers, they also have VIP booths.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bottle Service

What exactly is table/bottle service? 

bottle service vegas

Bottle service is when a customer purchases alcohol by the bottle, not individual drinks at the bar. While you will be paying a premium price for bottles, it includes a table, a personal server for your section, Security, and VIP entry into the venue. Garnishes and basic mixers such as assorted juices and sodas are complimentary. Red Bulls and water are extra.

What is a "minimum" spend? 

happy hour

Las Vegas pool parties, nightclubs, and strip clubs often operate on a minimum spend requirement (or "min" for short) system regarding bottle service/table reservations. The customer must reach or exceed the amount set for their minimum spend. The table doesn't incur a separate fee, but the better the location, the higher the minimum spend requirement.

To reach the "min" requirement, the customer can order anything from the beverage menu (bottled alcohol, cases of beer, bottled water, Red Bulls, food, etc.). All this counts toward your minimum spend requirement.

Group size could also be a factor in raising your minimum spend. The larger your group, the more accommodations the venue has to make to provide the same VIP experience to its customers. For example, a wedding party of 15-20 people will require a bigger space and more staff than a customer with 5 guests. Thus, the larger group's minimum would be much higher. 

Significant events and times of the year, such as national holidays (and Hallmark ones like Halloween), typically trigger larger events and performances in the city and drive more people to Las Vegas.  Rates on these dates are generally higher due to the increase in demand, meaning the same pricing on a random November weekend won't likely equate to the same price on Memorial Day Weekend. 

How much should you tip for bottle service? 

las vegas drinks

What you're really asking is, "how much does bottle service actually cost after fees?" Assuming you have a $500 minimum booked (and don't go over that total), here's how the bill would end up breaking down: 

$500 (subtotal)
$41.88 (Nevada sales tax is 8.375%)
$100 (20% tip to the server)
Total: $641.88

Just like you would with any investment (e.g., buying a car), it's always best to assume that there may be more to pay than the sticker price.  

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Peppermint Hippo Bachelor Parties 

vegas bachelor

No bachelor party would be complete without a visit to a legendary Las Vegas strip club. At Exploring Las Vegas, we have the best packages available for The Hippo Vegas. Here you can feast your eyes on some of the most exotic strippertainers in the city. Our ultimate goal is to make your "last fling before the ring" a memorable one! Check out our bachelor packages below. 

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Bachelorette Parties & Male Strip Club 

bachelorette vegas party

Peppermint Hippo loves the ladies, and you are more than welcome to show up here for a girl's night out or to host your bachelorette party. You can purchase any of our entry packages.

Please visit our selection of guides on male strip clubs and Las Vegas male revues; we can add these popular activities to your package.

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How do I get my guests in if they arrive late? 

dancer on stage

Ideally, it is always best for the entire group to walk to your table together, but we understand there are a lot of distractions in Sin City. If your table has already been seated, the person joining late can ask Security or the host at the table reservation line for your table number.  

Please note that if you book a package for 10 people at the strip club and you have extra people joining, be sure to communicate that to us beforehand; they won't be able to drop your table reservation at the front, but we can possibly get them in for free, so they can meet up with you once inside.  We will send a ride from the strip club to pick them up.  

Can I order a bottle presentation at Peppermint Hippo? 

vegas bottle presentation

If you're going to splurge on bottle service, you might as well go all out and opt for a bottle presentation too; it's a mind-blowing experience! If you're celebrating a special occasion or want to be a high-roller for the night, a bottle presentation will do the trick. Once the cocktail server gives us the minimum order requirement, we can make it happen. Typically, an order of approximately $1,000 plus champagne will be enough to trigger an over-the-top bottle presentation.

Does Peppermint Hippo Serve Food?

Peppermint Hippo offers food trucks with a wide range of menu options right in the parking lot, but no food is allowed inside.

Why Should I Book with Exploring Vegas? 

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Exploring Las Vegas is the longest-running Independent Host company. We are licensed, have more than 20 years of experience in Las Vegas, and work with top management at the city's hottest daytime and nighttime clubs.

The difference between hosts employed by the clubs and Independent Hosts is that we do not work for the clubs; we work for you – the customer. We are reliable, trustworthy, well-respected in town, and we have a stellar track record! We will host your entry, we offer insider information, and we have the best packages at the best prices.

After you book with us, we don't leave you hanging. We are available for questions 24/7 via our website, messenger, call, text, or email. 


For the budget-conscious clubber, we can offer cheap bottle service and get better table locations than if you tried making a reservation online. 

We are a full-service company offering much more than nightclubs and pool parties. We can also assist with booking your hotel room, set you up with our fantastic package deals, and limo services that will give you the complete Vegas VIP experience. 

Please view the rest of our guides below to make the most of your Vegas Vacation! 

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Las Vegas Strip Clubs Important Information

Peppermint Hippo Tickets, Events, & Music

vegas club vibe

Management brings in talented DJs who spin Open Format music – a combination of Hip Hop, EDM club music, Top 40 tracks, and Latin nights tunes.

Consider buying Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas tickets, the Las Vegas Party Pass, or VIP bottle service for entry on busy weekends or concerts.

Management books a lot of theme parties. Check out the Peppermint Hippo events and plug in your Sin City vacation dates for your big weekend. Keep in mind Peppermint Hippo is good as an afterhours club after the Las Vegas nightclubs since the venue is open 24 hours.

Buy Peppermint Hippo Tickets Buy Las Vegas Party Pass Peppermint Hippo Events

Las Vegas Strippers and Bottle Servers at Peppermint Hippo 

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With a roster of a hundred plus of the most beautiful Vegas girls you will ever see in one place at one time, there is no doubt you will find someone who piques your interest and can make your whole night. Bring enough money to have a good time and get some attention from the dancers.

If you don't know, the girls are independent contractors and have to pay the club a "house fee" to work there, which means they start their shifts in the hole. Whenever they talk to you, that takes time, and their time is their money. Expect to tip or buy a dance to get a girl's attention. 

We also have the connections if you want to hire one or more of the dancers as atmosphere models for a Stripper party bus or a private event. Click below for a quote.

Atmosphere Model Quote

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Sporting Events at Peppermint Hippo 

stripper with football

Strip clubs are hugely popular, especially when significant sporting events happen, like a big boxing match, Monday Night Football, or the Super Bowl. These clubs typically host a themed event to match with special deals. Often there's even a delicious buffet for guests.  For significant events such as the Super Bowl – make sure you have a reservation and come early because they typically sell out. 

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Strip Club ATMs and "House Money"

house money

The ladies only accept cash! Strip clubs usually have their own ATMs inside the venue, and while they are convenient in case you run out of money or don't bring enough in the first place, I strongly suggest you don't use them. For example, if you withdraw $100, the fees could be anywhere from $20-$50, and that's on top of the fees your bank will charge.

The "House Money" is also a scam. If you buy $100 of their "Monopoly" money, you will get charged 10% leaving you with $90. When the dancer goes to turn that in for real money, she will be charged 10%, leaving her with $80. The club just made twenty bucks for nothing! We suggest you bring real $1 bills, so you don't have to buy the club's "bogus bucks" or use their ATM.

What is the Peppermint Hippo Dress Code? 

dress code

While not quite as strict as the nightclubs on the Strip, gentleman's clubs have a basic strip club dress code, and it's mandatory. This helps the club's management maintain the right image and aesthetic with their customers and ensures they let in the right guests. 

The dress code required is pretty simple (and really only applies to male customers):  

  • No open-toed shoes (including sandals) 
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts 
  • No white t-shirts 
  • No jerseys, shorts, sweatpants, or other athletic/athleisure wear 
  • No bandanas, beanies, or do-rags 

It's always a good idea to "dress to impress" for a night out in Vegas, especially if you plan to hit a strip club. It seems like common sense but easy to forget when you're on vacation. 

Strip Club Dress Code

Las Vegas Strip Club Security 

hippo stripper

Before entry, all guests are required to turn out their pockets and purses and submit to a metal detector test to ensure everyone entering is not bringing in anything dangerous. It's equivalent to going through the TSA line at the airport. A security screening process applies to all guests, no matter who you are, whether you come in through General Admission or have a table reservation.   

It is important to note that while the Vegas Security staff is there to help make your experience great, they're also there to protect the girls from unwanted advances.  

Please do not touch the dancers. They are allowed to touch you while giving you a lap dance, but Security will give you a warning if you're touching the girls inappropriately. 

Pro Tip: If you purchased a table and some unwanted people wander in by accident, please let the security staff ask them to leave; this will prevent potential altercations. In the event of a confrontation between guests, both parties may likely be asked to leave. It's Security's call, and they always have the final say! 

Las Vegas Security

Peppermint Hippo Strip Club Final Word

las vegas hot dancers

For those of you who don't know, Peppermint Hippo is a successful gentlemen's club franchise with locations in Reno, Ohio, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and now Las Vegas. We are happy to welcome them to the Sin City strip club scene.

We offer packages here and can bundle them with drinks and dinner packages, a "nightclub crawl," or a "strip club crawl," so you can check out some of the other popular gentlemen's clubs, where they offer top-tier topless talent, full-service bars, and premier bottle service like at Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire Vegas, Treasures, Sophia’s Vegas, Scores Las Vegas, Palomino Strip Club, Hustlers Las Vegas, The Library, Déjà vu, Centerfold’s Cabaret, and Crazy Horse 3. This venue is freshly remodeled and I am personally a huge fan of this afterhours club when I am looking for a relaxing and entertaining night cap, since they are open 24 hours, they night really never has to end! If you want a full-nude strip club we have a guide for that as well.

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We're here for more than just booking your strip club experience; we're here to make your whole weekend.

Check out our awesome packages below to see what's right for you or reach out directly to contact one of our VIP hosts!


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Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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