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Nights Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Hours: Guest List sign up ends at 8:15 p.m. the night of.

*Note: The guestlist a FREE Service from Exploring Las Vegas. We don't charge anything to put you on the guest list but understand there might be a cover charge to get into the nightclub even if you are on the guest list. Our team will reach out with all the details.

**Early arrival by 9:30–10 p.m. is strongly recommended.

***Most nights the Guest List typically closes at 1 am SHARP. The clubs reserve the right to cut it off early.

**** We do not have control over LONG-LINES and EARLY LIST CUT OFFS. If you don't want to wait in a long guest list line and RISK NOT GETTING IN, then buy tickets, purchase bottle service, or buy our paid VIP entry service on select nights.

****If you have more than 10 people in your group, you will have to make another submission. The max amount of people per name on the guest list is 10. For Example, Jennifer Jones +5 females and +5 males, if you have 12 people, you will have to add another entry for Tracy Hansen +1 female.

How the Hakkasan Nightclub (Hk) Guest List Works

We here at Exploring Las Vegas want to thank you for checking out our Hakkasan Guest List Page. The first step is to submit a form so one of our team members can reach out to you with the details for the night and club requested.

About Hakkasan


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Hakkasan is inside the MGM. From the main valet, it can be a bit of a walk, so ask your limo, cab, or rideshare to drop you off at Hakkasan Valet – your feet will thank us, especially feet in heels! When you arrive, you will see a large circular bar called Centrifuge. When you walk past the bar, the guestlist will be on the righthand side near the Level Up Bar.

Expect to wait a bit for guestlist entry. For busy holiday weekends and famous artists' headlining, you might want to consider purchasing tickets, paid Vip Entry, or arranging for Bottle Service.

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What are the Benefits of the Guest List?

The clubs use the guestlist to fill the room. The incentive is no or reduced cover to get customers in early and get them drinking. For the customers, usually, entry is free at Hk most nights for guys and ladies. On larger artist nights, the gentleman will have to pay a reduced cover charge.

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How Much Does the Hakkasan Guest List Cost?

Gender Males Females
Cover Charge $20-$75 $20-$50
Guest List Many Nights Free Majority of Nights Free.

**Submit your guest list entry, and someone from our Exploring Las Vegas tea will get back to you with the details.

Hakkasan Dress Code

What to wear to Hakkasan Las Vegas EV

All the clubs in Las Vegas have a similar dress code that is strictly enforced. We have put together an Ultimate Guide to Dress Codes in Las Vegas. Please check it out if you have any questions or are unsure of what to wear.

Ladies you can get away with almost anything, but the venue is classy if you have local bar attire on you will be out of place. Guys and nice pair of dress shoes, a designer or collared shirt, and nice jeans or slacks.

Hakkasan Security

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In today's new world, you get searched when you head into a nightclub. Think of TSA at the airport but only more strict and more thorough. They will look in your purse and your pockets and do a complete pat-down, and they will wand you with a metal detector.

International guests, you will need your passports, your countries government-issued IDs will not suffice. We have a Complete Guide on Las Vegas Nightclub Security. We suggest you check it out if you have any questions.

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